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Meet Mandy

Welcome to my new blog, everyone!

This is all new to me and I'm not sure where this blog will take me, but I'm excited. I've wanted to start a blog for quite some time now, so I'm glad I finally got around to it.

I'm sure that most of the people that hop on here will be friends and family from Facebook or Instagram, but if you're not I'd like to introduce myself so you know who you are reading about/from.

My name is Amanda, but nearly everyone in my life knows me as Mandy. I am married to my cowboy and he has blessed me with two sweet boys. Cash is 2 years old and Stetson is 5 months old. They are my world. D has always provided for our family so that I could be a stay at home mom. I could probably count on one hand how many days I've spent away from my children. Something I am super thankful for.

We live in a tiny town in Southeast Colorado. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. It's a town of 70-something people. While that might sound like the worst thing in the world to some people, we love it. We always hoped to find something like this. Daylyn is from the Dakota's, so he's used to the small town living. My family and I lived in Hayden, Co when I was younger, which is near Steamboat Springs. But the majority of my life I grew up in Thornton, which is just a little different than where we are now.

We are an hour away from other towns that have Walmart, Safeway, Dollar Tree, etc. In our little town, we live right next door to the only store called The Outpost. It's got an old school gas pump, groceries, and it's a cafĂ© where everyone in town goes to eat. Besides that, there are two churches, a post office, a bar, and the school. All of which is in walking distance. 

But anyways, back to introducing myself. Before I met Daylyn, I was attending cosmetology school at the Aveda Institute of Denver. I am so thankful I got to go there and receive the education I did. Once our kiddos are all in school, my hope is to open a home salon for the people around us and then maybe work a few days out of the week in one of the bigger towns around us. But for now, I will continue to love on my babies while I get to be a stay at home momma.

I worked for a company doing on location weddings for awhile which was so much fun. I miss doing that, but at least I get to do hair and makeup here in town every now and then. But recently, my husband and I started our own small business. I'm gonna be honest and say that there were so many times I looked at some direct sales companies and it was something I always went back and forth about. I figured it would be nice to bring in some extra income for us, but I knew it was something that I didn't truly desire to do. I am SO thankful I had the hesitation because that led me to what I am doing now (and in no way am I trying to diss on you if you work for a company like that, more power to you if it's something that works for you - it was just not meant for me).

We first started our shop online called Ospaye Art (pronounced OSH-PAY-YUH - it's Native American and means family or tribe) mostly for Daylyn to showcase his work because he is enrolled in the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Isn't that neat? So anything he makes is authentic Native American made. He knows how to do hides, work with leather, bead, all sorts of stuff. He's really talented and artsy, but doesn't have a lot of spare time to do that stuff. In fact, our first Christmas together he took a lot of time to hand make me a pair of moccasins, a leather belt, and a beautiful leather journal. Recently though, there was a night that he was working on some stuff and I grabbed some leather that my mom had given us so that I could try to make some stuff with him. Little did I know that that would really launch our shop into me being a work from home mom! I don't even know how many sales I've had from my leather jewelry, I'd have to look at my paperwork. But I'm so thankful it took off like it did. It makes me so happy because creating things is one of my favorite things to do. And to now see what I have made on people that purchase my work? It's such a cool feeling.

So there you have it. I'm Mandy. Wife. Mother. Creator. There are so many things I'd love to talk about on here and really look forward to blogging about. Like how Daylyn and I's relationship went from dating for about 9 months to planning a wedding in 5 days, becoming a momma, living in this tiny town, hair and makeup, my work. I think this is going to be something that is good for me because I really enjoy writing things down or journaling to get things out of my head. It's so therapeutic to me. Plus, it helps a momma who mostly stays at home all day with her kiddos to have some 'me' time, which is something I really struggle with making a priority. 

If you've made it this far, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read all of this. Have a great rest of your week and add me on Facebook or Instagram if we're not friends.



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Instagram: @mommamoriarty
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  1. This makes me so happy and I’m so excited for you Mandy! -Nickolette❤️

    1. Thank you so much, girl! hope life is treating you well :)


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