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Stay at Home Momma Starting a Small Business

Happy Saturday, friends! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)
Recently, a personal friend of mine contacted me in regards to featuring me on her blog, For the Love of Blank. Check it out if you like traveling, food, wine, and all sorts of other good stuff. You can click here if you want to check out my guest post on their blog.
I figured I'd share what I wrote for them on my personal blog. A lot of you know me personally and have already been following my journey of starting a small business with my husband. So many of you have supported this small business of ours which I am so thankful for. I hope you enjoy reading this and maybe find some inspiration to get out of your comfort zone like I did!
My name is Mandy. I'm 22, married to my handsome cowboy, and we have two sweet little boys. Cash is 2 years old and Stetson is 6 months old. We live in Southern Colorado in a tiny town called Kim that has roughly 70 people (I said tiny, right? Ha) where my husband ranches. We love…

I thought your last name was...

Where do I even start?
I guess I'll start with me. I am Amanda Linnae Poppenger. My full name that I still legally have even though I got married almost 3 years ago. Lol. I have always gone by Mandy since I can remember. It's not that I don't like the name Amanda, but I think I always felt a little more unique being called Mandy because there were so many Amanda's in my classes growing up. 
So 2014 comes around and I meet this cute cowboy named Daylyn. Long story short, we ended up getting married and having cute babies. ;) But when I met him, his name was Daylyn Xavior Moriarty. So, we got married and I took the last name 'Moriarty' and that's the name we gave our first born, Cash.

Daylyn only had the last name 'Moriarty' for a few years. He was born as Daylyn Xavior Eagleshield and had that name until he was in high school. Moriarty comes from his mom's side of the family. Eagleshield comes from his dad's side of the family that are Nativ…