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Lilli's Blossom Boutique

Good morning, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

It's the day after Mother's Day and it seems like my children knew that once midnight hit, my special day was over and they tortured me with waking up and being stinkers last night. So now I'm sleepy and can't wait for nap time today (wish me luck that it's better than last night haha). BUT my sleep deprivation won't keep me from sharing some super cute things with you!

I've been so excited to share about this boutique. Let me clarify real quick that in no way is this an advertisement or sponsored by Lilli's Blossom Boutique. I am just so in love with her stuff that I HAVE to share with all my friends!

I actually went to school with Gabbi, the owner of Lilli's Blossom Boutique. We've been friends on Facebook and I have had the pleasure of watching her journey from Lularoe to opening up her own boutique. Isn't it so awesome watching people succeed and chase their own dreams? It's so inspiring! She's a momma to a sweet little girl (who hopefully I will someday get to meet in person) and she recently got married. <3 #allthehearteyes

After dipping my toes into the world of running a small business, I now know that support from family and friends helps your business thrive. She has been so supportive of my little small business from the beginning and it's made me want to do the same for all of my friends. So real quick, I just have to say THANK YOU for being such an awesome person, Gabbi. You're so encouraging, kind, and the kind of person everyone needs in their corner!

I'm going to show y'all some of the things I have from her shop. She sells women's clothing, kids clothing, men's clothing, jewelry and other fun stuff! So go check out her website to take a peak at all that she has and 'like' her Facebook page to see the latest deals and new arrivals. Seriously, she's awesome and has amazing deals all the time. She also has a VIP Facebook group that I'd be happy to add you to, just say the word and I'll go add ya!

OH! She always has FREE shipping! Like what?!?

The first outfit is this A-DOR-A-BLE romper. You can find it here. It's got the cutest detail and is super flattering - even for a momma with a tummy like me. It's super soft and comfy and I love the color, even against my pale skin.

This next one I'm obsessed with. I think I'll be wearing it for our family pics we're taking out here in Kim at the end of the month. I put it over a simple black long sleeve dress and some of my favorite boots. Isn't it so fun?! Don't mind my super pale legs, just look at the poncho. Lol

I think it would look great even with a more casual outfit. It's so fun because there's endless options with this one! You can find this poncho here.

Now this vest is to. die. for. She has it in coral as well as this teal I'm wearing and it's the softest piece of clothing I've ever had. Isn't it so cute?! Again, I'm able to dress it up or down with pretty much whatever. It's a perfect addition to make an outfit much more fun.

This next dress I was a little worried about because I'm self conscious of my tummy, my arms, my double chin, my legs. Pretty much everything. Lol. But I loved how it looked on! The detail at the top is super cute and IT HAS POCKETS! That instantly makes it better. Hahaha. Plus my hubby liked it on me, so that definitely made me feel good in it :)

I can't get enough of this dress you're about to see. Like I said before, I'm not fond of my arms. I don't like how big they look in pictures, so I'm all about long sleeved dresses! But this dress has the cutest and most flattering fit. It comes in at the waist and the sleeves are soooo cute. I love that it's off the shoulder and has such cute detail at the bottom. Isn't it so pretty?! Again don't mind my pale legs. Hahaha. I would also be able to nurse easily in this dress because it's got this comfy stretch to it, so #momwin

I'm definitely going to be wearing this tank all summer. The print, the fit, the color! Obsessed. 

I threw on this super cute kimono/shall/cardigan/super cute thing (what are these called, guys?? I don't even know what I'm saying lol) over this tank but I love pairing this white my distressed white skinnies and a turquoise top for summer. It's one of my faves. 

I have a couple more to photograph and I'll be sharing those with y'all soon. But this is just a glimpse of the super cute stuff she carries in her boutique! Go ahead and take a look at her site or message me if you want me to add ya to the Facebook group. :)

Happy Monday, babes! Have a great day!




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