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My Birth Stories

There is so much I could write about pregnancy, giving birth to my two sons and all that happens after. I thought about splitting this up into a bunch of different topics, but let's be honest...I don't get on here nearly as often as I'd like so I think it's a better idea for me to just sit down and take the time to blog about Cash and Stetson's birth stories in one sitting. I'll definitely have a separate blog post sometime in the future on pregnancy, but that is seriously a WHOLE different subject with a WHOLE lot of topics within itself.

So my son Cash will be 3 in September. I had a normal pregnancy with him; the morning (all day) sickness, exhaustion, fatigue, etc. I am so thankful that it was a healthy pregnancy and that my body was able to bring life to this little man.

Photo by: J Turner Fine Art
Near the end of my pregnancy, D and I moved into our first apartment. I graduated from cosmetology school about a week before my due date and I ended up going into labor close to 41 weeks. Oh my Lord, I was so ready for that baby to come. It was the beginning of September and I was literally constantly sweating with that huge belly that I had grown.

I remember taking a few pictures of myself the night I went into labor. I compared them to a photo I had taken just the day before when we had family over and my belly dropped SO much. I remember posting the photo saying, "Hopefully this is the last photo I take with a baby in there!" And guess what? It was!

We went to bed and I remember waking up at 3 in the morning with insane contractions. I had previously downloaded an app on my phone to time contractions (it was awesome because it stored all the info and you could compare the length and frequency) and opened it up. Guys, my contractions were 5 minutes apart and holy crap were they strong. I did not expect to go into labor like this at all. I thought I'd have to sit at home and endure painful contractions through the day or something. But, once I realized that they were in fact 5 minutes apart, I knew it was time to go to the hospital.

I remember D came out of our room to me in the dining room holding onto the table while a contraction was happening. He was so tired and confused about what was happening. Lol. Once he really woke up and he saw how close together the contractions were, he knew it was time to go. So I had my bags packed, I grabbed all the last minute stuff and we headed to the hospital.

We were thankfully only like 10 minutes away from the hospital I was delivering at. I remember we parked and walked into the labor and delivery part of the hospital and I was admitted. They hooked me up, monitored me and put us in a room after making sure it was go time. At this point, the contractions were SO horrible. I remember grabbing the sides of the bed and clenching my teeth so hard.

I am not the kind of person that has ever had a strict birth plan. I think mostly because I don't want to have these plans and expectations and then have everything go in a completely different direction, you know? I'm the kind of person that would just rather hope for the best, but expect the worst. I don't like having the mindset that everything will go how I want it to, because let's be won't. That's life. The only thing I have always said with our birth plans is that I want to try as long as I can to go natural but I am totally fine with getting an epidural if I need one. That's it. Otherwise I trust the nurses and doctors there to take care of me and my baby.

So, I tried to go as long as I could natural. It was probably 4 or 5 when I got admitted to a room and if I remember correctly, I got an epidural around 8. It was so. worth. it. Don't let any moms guilt you and say that it's terrible or that you have to get one. Just do what you think is right for you. In my case, I needed that damn epidural and it saved me. Lol.

After getting the epidural, things were moving pretty slowly. I rested off and on as they came in to check on me. They broke my water around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and I think they gave me pitocin to speed things up. I know, I'm so terrible for forgetting all the details. Lol. But whatever, #mombrain

The day dragged on and finally around 7 IT WAS TIME TO PUSH!!!

It was so weird when they came in and told me. It's like the whole time I knew this was coming but in that moment I felt confused and didn't believe it was actually time. But it was. It was time to get this baby out!

The pushing wasn't painful or bad at all since I had an epidural. I mostly just felt the pressure of his head. I can't imagine what it feels like natural though. Hats off to you ladies that have because that sounds horrible. Lol

After awhile of pushing though, my little man Cash came out at 8:19pm on September 2nd, 2015. It was an amazing moment. They pulled him out and laid him on my chest and I kid you not, that baby looked up at me and just stared for like half an hour. It was magical. It's such a surreal feeling finally having that baby in your arms that you carried all this time and wondered what it would feel like, what they would smell like, look like. It's one of the most incredible moments I've ever experienced in my life.

I tore from pushing and had to get stitches, so while I was staring at that brand new babe on my chest, they sewed me up and we just got to soak in those moments.

My parents came to the hospital around 9 and got to meet their brand new grandbaby. They were the best and brought us Chick-Fil-A since I could finally eat some food. I always crack up when I look at the pictures of them with Cash because he looks like a little alien baby. Hahaha.

Now I could go into all the beautiful details of what it's like after the labor, but I need to save that for another post. There's a lot to talk about with all of that and I'm sure it won't be for everyone. Lol, so I'm going to go onto the birth of our next little guy, Stetson.

With Stetson, we were in a completely different situation. We had moved to our tiny town of 70 people and we live 2 hours away from the hospital I was to deliver at. Thankfully, if anything bad happened there's a couple hospitals that are only an hour from our home, but the closest OBGYN's are in Pueblo, which is 2 hours away from us. So of course, my doctor only delivers at the hospitals there in Pueblo.

So of course I was scared out of my mind. The closer and closer we got to his due date, the more scared I got. I worried that my water would break here and that I'd be in the car for 2 hours with insane contractions and have the baby in the car. I know it's been done before, but I did not want that to happen.

Thankfully Stetson stayed put until the day I was scheduled to be induced. I have heard tons of stories about women being induced going wrong, but I didn't want to focus on that. I trusted my doctor and her judgement for our situation and listened to my gut. I prayed so often that God would watch out for us and our baby and bring him here safely. I know it might not sound like a super scary thing, but you just never know what can happen with pregnancy and birth. Something could go wrong at anytime. Anything can happen. You are not in control at all and so I just tried to remind myself to pray when I worried about it and trust that God would take care of us.

It was such a weird and different situation. I remember being so excited I could barely sleep. I was scheduled to be induced on June 17th, 2017. I got up at like 3 in the morning and got ready. D loaded up the pick up and my mother-in-law was here so she was able to stay at our home with her kids and watch Cash.

I have never experienced the guilt like I did that day. I have been with Cash almost everyday of his life and that was going to be the first night I wouldn't be with him. It was such a strange combination of feelings this time around. I was so excited to finally give birth to our next baby, but I was so sad to leave my first baby and not be with him. It was really hard for me and something I struggled with the whole time we were there. I'm not sure if any other moms have felt this same way, but I'm sure some have.

But, despite my mom guilt I was having about Cash, I tried to really just enjoy the moments there with D and bringing our next baby into the world. We walked up to the labor and delivery floor and it felt to silly and funny walking up to them basically to say, "Hi, I have an appointment to have my baby." Hahaha. Seriously, it really made me laugh.

They brought us into our room, hooked me up to everything after I got dressed and it started to really set in...IT WAS BABY TIME! So we had checked in at 7 and they broke my water around 11 I think. I did the same thing with this birth, I tried to go as long as I could without the epidural but eventually gave in. Those contractions were just so painful and tiring, I really don't know how you ladies do it. It was such a huge relief to finally have that dang epidural. I got to relax for a bit which is so nice because when you're having contractions, you're enduring that pain for the entire contraction and then when it's over, you get to relax for literally a few seconds, regain your strength and feel okay, then it's right back to that next painful contraction.

They kept coming to check on me through the day and a bit after 3, it was time to push. I only had to push for 20 minutes with Stetson as compared to over an hour with Cash. It was so much quicker this time around! His labor only lasted 8 hours compared to Cash's 17 hours.

And just like when they put Cash on my chest, it was just as magical with Stetson. Finally seeing that baby boy in front of me and holding him in my arms. I cried and was so happy to finally have him here and that it was a healthy and great birth. I just felt so at peace when he was there in our arms.

That time around, I didn't tear at all and my recovery didn't seem nearly as bad. I think it felt so much easier this time around because I had already experienced it all before and kind of knew what to expect. It was kind of crazy.

I'm curious to see what our other baby's birth stories will be like compared to Cash and Stetson's. It's so fun looking back through photos of those days and trying to relive all of those moments. Something I am going to try and do with our next babies is taking videos and write down as much as I can. I've noticed as time goes on, that there are so many little details I don't remember or there are things I simply don't remember because I think it is such a crazy moment that you can't soak every single thing up. In the future, I would definitely love to have a photographer come to the hospital and capture some photos in those special moments because it's such a blessing to get to have those photos and videos to help you relive all of those magical moments.

So maybe take that into consideration, any soon to be or future mommas. Write down as much as you can. Take a ridiculous amount of photos so that you can go back and relive that day that you brought a whole new human being into this world.

It's funny to me that when you go through different stages in life, you really start to reminisce and all these emotions start flooding you. Stetson turns 1 year old next Sunday and it hit me today that he's been here with us for a whole year. That last year I had all of these worries, but here we are today. It's just so special to look back and remind yourself of all you were feeling at that time.

Photo by: J Turner Fine Art
If you made it this far, thanks for reading through this and taking the time. I notice that I get really interested in birth stories when I get near the end of pregnancy. So if you're reading this and will be giving birth to your baby sometime in the future, I hope you enjoy this special time. Get ready for the most magical moment of your life ❤


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