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Life Update + Wardrobe Must Have

Hi friends! It's been awhile since I've blogged, but at least it's for some good reasons :)
So here's a quick little update for y'all on our life:
I've been busy growing baby #3 and chasing around those crazy boys of ours. I'm currently 25 weeks with Takoda, Stetson is 1 and Cash is 3. And if you haven't seen our big news we just shared, we are getting ready to move! Our family is heading to Oregon where my hubby will work as a corrections officer at a max prison. This is his first big stepping stone towards becoming a cop and I'm so excited for him to chase after this career.

All of you know that we absolutely love our life here in Kim, Co. We have loved living this lifestyle and we are honestly so sad to go. The community here is amazing and I don't think we'll ever find a place quite as wonderful, but with baby #3 on the way, we are trying to think about our families future. We are still in our early twenties but with my husband wanting …