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Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker + Contraction Monitor Review

I can't believe that as of today I am 34 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has flown by and we are so close to meeting our third son! I've had the opportunity to try a product recently that has been incredible and I'm so excited to share about it with you guys. I'll be sharing about the Bloomlife contraction monitor in this post and sharing my honest review.

Most of you know this is my third pregnancy. Now, I'm no expert at motherhood and pregnancy, but I do have some experience since this is my third time around. With my first two sons, I never felt any Braxton Hicks. Braxton Hicks are contractions that occur before real labor. They are normal to experience and they are not a sign that you're about to give birth. I like to think of them as the bodies way of preparing for labor. They can start fairly early in your pregnancy and you might not even know that you're experiencing them.  (A good thing to remember about Braxton Hicks and real labor contractions is that Braxton Hicks will come and go, but true labor contractions will get longer, stronger and closer together.)

I was actually in labor with my second son and had no idea I was having contractions until one of the nurses came in the room to monitor me and told me I was having some big ones. It's normal to not know what's going on, especially if you're a first time mom. But even for someone like me who has been pregnant and delivered two babies before, you still might not know what you're feeling or if you're even having contractions.

It kind of sucks that that's what pregnancy is like. You have an idea of what to expect since everyone talks about the morning sickness, the food cravings, the stretch marks, etc. But a lot of pregnancy is you just having to experience it for yourself. And contractions are one of those things.

With my first son, I woke up in the middle of the night to ridiculously strong contractions that were 5 minutes apart. I knew that was the real deal without a doubt. Those contractions were getting longer, stronger and were getting closer together. Those are the contractions that means it's baby time.

With this pregnancy, I have definitely been having Braxton Hicks. Some days they're really mild and they just feel like tightening and cramping. They of course don't even compare to the contractions you feel during real labor, but they can get somewhat intense. It's kind of surprised me this time around how uncomfortable it's been getting.

That's why I was so excited to get my Bloomlife monitor in the mail. I could feel all of these Braxton Hicks, but wondered if there were any I wasn't picking up on or if that's really what I was feeling. I can't tell you enough how amazing and helpful it has been to have this monitor. It's been so neat to open up my app (which is free and super easy to use and get set up) and see what really has been going on. To know that what I'm feeling is in fact contractions and to see how often they are happening.

When my monitor came in the mail, it arrived packaged really nicely and in a really cute box. In the box was the monitor, 5 reusable sticky pads you attach the monitor to, the charger, and a manual with really easy instructions. I've had my monitor for two weeks and haven't had to charge it once. I've used it for several days and nights now and it stall has quite a bit of battery.

It's really simple to set up. All I had to do was download the free app, put the monitor on the sticky pad and hook it up to the app. It took me maybe 5 or 10 minutes to read through all the instructions and have it ready to go. I love that it's so easy and user friendly! At first I was overwhelmed when I opened up the box, but quickly realized how easy it was to use. Now, I just put my monitor on whenever I want to during the day or at night and it's so convenient.

You do have to be relaxing for the app to work best, so I always try to use mine when I'm going to have some down time or when I know I'm about to go to bed. It's so neat waking up in the morning and looking at all of the contractions I had at night while I was sleeping. It's fascinating to see when I otherwise wouldn't know.

Bloomlife also offers a really neat feature on their app called Mind-Body. This feature allows you to check in with your body to help manage your stress and find balance. There are three different "levels" of stress; below, baseline and above. This morning my stress level was baseline. The app told me that this measurement reflects that my stress management is going well. You have to wear the monitor for a minimum of 4 nights for the app to collect enough info. I think it's such a wonderful feature that's included. It's been really interesting to see where my stress level is at. And honestly I'm kind of shocked that I'm not more stressed, it made me feel better when I read that I'm at a good level right now. Cause let's be honest, the end of pregnancy can get pretty dang stressful. Especially with two toddlers ;)

There are also some really great resources within the app. There's a section called "Learn" that has all kinds of articles for pregnancy and what's to come. Even for me it's been really helpful and I've learned a lot from the articles I've clicked on. When you finish a session, the app collects all of the info and you're able to see the stats that show you how many contractions you had within an hour, the average frequency and the average duration. It saves all of the sessions so you can look through them later on if you want. It also shows the battery level so you know if you need to charge your monitor before your next session.

I really wanted to use the monitor and app as much as I could before writing this blog post so that I could provide honest feedback and share about my experience with you. I think as an expecting mom it can be really overwhelming with all of the gadgets and products that are out there nowadays, so sometimes you might not know what's worth it to get or not get.

I can't recommend Bloomlife enough. I have had no issues with my monitor or the app and it's been such a pleasant experience. Plus it's made me feel more in tune with my body because it's given me the ability to recognize what is going on and know when I am having contractions. It's been amazing. 

If you are interested in Bloomlife, you can check out their website and get more info if you need it. It is a weekly rental and as I said before, it comes with everything in the cute little box. The nice thing about while you're renting the monitor is you can request more of the sticky pads if needed for free at anytime. They also have amazing customer service on the app and online, so if you had any issues or questions it's really easy to contact them.

I really think any mom would love this monitor. Whether it's your first baby or your last, I think it's beneficial. If you have any questions about my experience with my Bloomlife monitor, I'm happy to answer them! I have uploaded multiple videos talking about the monitor and showing how to use it on my Instagram. You can check out my story highlight "Bloomlife" and that's where you can find the videos.

I'd also recommend to go check out their website so you can sign up for their newsletter because it enters you in a giveaway they do each week for a free Bloomlife rental. They also do giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram, so if you're interested in Bloomlife at all I'd check out their pages so you can enter in those :)

Here is a giveaway they have happening right now that ends tomorrow!

I'm so excited to hear from those of you that try it out!




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