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Newborn & Postpartum Must Haves + What's On Our Baby Registry

Well, as most of you know I'm a mom of two boys. I'm currently 36 weeks with my third son and to be honest with you guys, all I've bought for this baby so far are 3 newborn outfits.

My two sons, Cash and Stets, are 3 and 1. We've had our babies around 20 months apart, so I've never seen the reason to get rid of any of the baby gear we've gotten over the years. Why would I sell it just to have to buy the same thing in another year or so? Didn't make sense to me, so I just held onto everything.

But, this time around we made a big move when I was 7 months pregnant. The biggest move we have ever made. We packed up what we could from our home in Colorado and headed to Oregon. If you've been following our journey for awhile, you know how much we loved our life in Colorado. My husband managed a 30,000+ acre ranch and we lived in a very tiny town of 70 people. It was such a wonderful place for our family and I honestly thought we'd be there for years and years, but here I am sitting in Hermiston, Oregon. I definitely miss the lifestyle and the wonderful people, but I know we made this move for all the right reasons. :)

So here we are, with pretty much only our clothes and sentimental things that we packed up from our home in Kim, Co. I kept baby clothes and some of the baby gear that I could, but had to get rid of a lot of stuff we had gotten over the years with C + S because our moving pod was so small. Seriously, look at how tiny that thing was.

So, that leads me to our baby registry. I made our baby registry on Amazon this time which I highly recommend because your friends and family can buy something on the registry and it'll be shipped to your home since the info is already on there. So it's nice that they don't need to worry about anything other than clicking a few buttons. :) Plus it's super easy and convenient to be able to make the registry from your phone and add/remove whatever you'd like at anytime!

There are three reasons why I made a baby registry. Obviously since we downsized before coming here, that's one of the reasons. And since we moved to a new state and only know a handful of people here, we won't be having a baby shower. We've only been here in OR for a couple months, so I haven't exactly made a ton of friends yet. Lol.

And lastly, I made it because you get an awesome discount on everything that isn't purchased! So even if nothing is purchased off of our registry, we can get what we need and use the discount to get a good deal. If we hadn't moved and gotten rid of so much, I would have still made a registry to get any necessities like breast pads, diapers, wipes, etc. I've had registries at Target and Amazon before and from what I've heard, pretty much everywhere offers at least some kind of discount on the rest of the items you have on your registry like Amazon and Target do.

Some of the things I was able to keep are the cradle, blankies, swaddles, my baby slings/baby wearing gear, Nose Frieda (if you don't have this and you have a little one, go get it now. It'll change your life), clothes, our baby swing and other small things like some hats, newborn mittens, baby shoes, etc.

Now in regards to my newborn must haves, I've never been one to get super expensive baby gear that's unnecessary. In my opinion, I really don't think babies need that much. Sure they need things like clothing, diapers, wipes, and formula/breast milk. But other than that, you really don't need much for them (especially when they're so little). When he gets a little bigger, that's when I'll bring out the stuff like bouncers, play mats, toys, high chair and things that he will actually be able to use.

What has worked for me when building our baby registries is adding the things we'll need right away, then the items that we will need eventually, and then extras that would be nice to have. I'd suggest adding everything you would like to purchase even if it's not going to be used right away because like I mentioned earlier, you can use the discount you get! So even add things for yourself that can be used postpartum.

For baby boy I added clothes, two different baby baths, wipes, a couple different options for an infant car seat, diapers, diaper genie + refills, a couple different high chairs, pacifiers, a couple cribs, a moses basket + stand, crib mattress, a rocker/bouncer, a bassinet, pack-n-play, a couple strollers/travel systems since we left behind our single strollers, and a play gym.

For items that I said I added multiple of each, I wanted to put a couple options to get the best priced item. Amazon's prices are always changing as is the quantity of products, so I wanted to make sure I added a couple options in case they ran out or the price changed significantly. So maybe keep that in mind if you're creating a registry on Amazon. I've already had to go on our registry and replace some items that are out of stock.

Even though I did add some diapers to the registry, I personally don't like to stock up on a ton of diapers until baby is here because you never know how they will react to them or if they'll leak. A great piece of advice I read online is to ask for gift cards or even cash in place of diapers so that you don't have to worry about exchanging them.

As for me, I added some things that I will need postpartum like breast pads, the Haakaa (I'm so excited to try this one out since I don't like pumping but would love to build a small stash of breast milk), pads, a set of nursing bras, some high waisted underwear, nursing bras, and a postpartum belly wrap. A few of these things aren't absolutely necessary but I wanted to be able to take advantage of the discount so I added them in case I decide to get them. The absolute must haves for me are the breast pads and nursing bras since I breastfeed.

Also, I do just want to add that everyone's postpartum journey is different just like every pregnancy and baby is different. I have never bled much after having our sons (so far) so I didn't need to stock up on a ton of pads. But, I will say that wearing Depends is so comfortable and easy. It might sound crazy to you, but I've worn them after having my first two and know tons of moms who have done the same. Plus they are way more comfortable than the mesh underwear you get at the hospital and you don't have to worry about ruining any of your underwear. I didn't need them for long after having Stets, so I have quite a bit leftover from the package I bought before having him. I'll be packing some of them in our hospital bag and have them ready to go for when we get home. If I didn't have any leftover, I'd definitely be adding them to the registry.

And although this is my third son and I have an idea of what my postpartum journey will be like if I have him vaginally like I did with the first two, I also want to be realistic and go into all of this knowing that anything can happen and his birth is not in my control. I'm anxious to see what his birth story will be like and how it will compare to the first two.

If you've read this far, thanks for taking the time. I appreciate you being here :)

Here is the link to our baby registry on Amazon:

I can't believe that soon we'll be sharing about the arrival of little Takoda!

Love to you all,



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