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Swearby - Awesome Products that Awesome Women "Swear By"

I love sharing about things that I love. It makes me happy to recommend great products that I use in hopes that you might try them out and love them as much as I do.

A lot of times that's how we do our shopping, right? We see someone we trust share a product that they are enjoying and we go and purchase that product. There's certain people I follow on Instagram specifically for the products they share about! That's actually a lot of what Instagram is nowadays. Influencers and bloggers sharing about products that they're sent and we always hope they're giving us their honest review.

Unfortunately, I don't think that's always the case. And let me tell you why.

When I first pursued being an influencer on Instagram, I was so excited about any opportunity that was sent my way. Instead of being picky about the companies I collaborated with, I just wanted to say yes to every opportunity! I mean it's exciting when you are offered free product (or even sometimes a paid opportunity along with the product) in exchange for your review, right?

A lot of those companies required a post almost immediately after getting the product and I don't think that gives the influencer/blogger enough time to really try it out and have the chance to provide honest feedback. That was the biggest issue I ran into when I first started this. Thankfully, I am happy to say that all of the products I've been sent I have loved using and have been more than pleased with them. I do wish that I had more time to give a more thorough review, but thankfully I think I lucked out.

The more I thought about how many companies weren't willing to provide enough time for me to give an honest review, that's when I began to realize that it's probably better for me to be a bit more picky about what I choose to share with my audience. Since then, there have been quite a few collaborations that I have opted out of because I either knew right off the bat that's not something I would like and use, or I didn't think the company was providing me enough time to provide a truthful review. With all of that being said, I hope you know that when I share about products on my Instagram or blog, it's because I really do love them.

But, even though I try and provide honest reviews with you on my Instagram and blog, I know a lot of people would rather find a review that's not sponsored. A lot of people like reading reviews from someone who has purchased the product they're looking at and that's why I'm SO excited to share about Swearby with you. I think so many women are going to fall in love with this platform (you may have caught my Instagram stories awhile back when I shared about Swearby, but if not you can head to my profile and watch my highlight called "SWEARBY"), so let me tell you why.

I actually came accross Swearby on an ad on my Instagram when I was watching stories. I checked out their profile and read that it's a place where women share trusted product recommendations. It's not a place where women are posting sponsored posts/products, it's just real women sharing about their absolute favorite products that they "swear by."

When you sign up to be an editor, you promise to only share about products that you have used and truly love. I added my first 10 "swears" and was sent this awesome box full of some skincare products (that are actually from a favorite brand of mine). All for just sharing 10 products that I love! You can check out my profile here and see what my top products are.

I tried to add a variety of beauty products, baby products, even some furniture and other items. I love the fact that you can share about ANY product with the Swearby community and we all know that you're sharing because you have used and really enjoyed the product, whatever it may be.

I wasn't required to write this blog post or share about Swearby once I joined, I just knew there would be so many people out there that appreciate a community like this. You can sign up as well and join the Swearby community! Go add your first 10 "swears" like I did and they'll send you a gift for doing so.

Here's my Swearby profile if you want to check it out!

I can also send you an invite to join, just DM me over on my Instagram and I'll send you one.

I hope you love using this awesome website and share about some products you "swear by" too :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Mandy The Momma


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