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The Easiest Meals for a Busy Mom

"Goodness for kids is what we are all about"

As you may know, I recently became a mom of 3. I can't quite put into words how busy life is right now. Thankfully the two older boys are on the same schedule for naps, but from the moment they're up life is go, go, go!

I have to sit and feed the baby every couple hours and then there are the never ending diaper changes between him and the 1 year old. 

It feels kind of nice to stay busy, but it also makes it more challenging for me to get some things done. And more often than not, I love when we have food in the house that is quick and easy to get ready for the kids because honestly it just makes life a little easier. And easier right now means everything. 

KidFresh was kind enough to send us some of their delicious meals and I can't tell you how thankful I was for them. I even joined in with the boys because they're so yummy (and because breastfeeding makes you so. dang. hungry)!

I know a lot of you will love KidFresh because they know the importance of nutrition and how it impacts the development of our little ones. All of their food is a great source of protein, has moderate levels of sodium and fat, have non-GMO ingredients, and even have hidden veggies! How much better can it get?!

They even make awesome BPA free packaging, Phthalate free bowls and use 100% recyclable paperboard. They really thought about it all - which I love :)

And as you can see below, literally everyone in our family enjoyed the food. Sheriff loved cleaning up after Stets - so kid, parent and dog approved! Lol.

It was so nice being able to grab these from the freezer, throw them in the microwave and have a meal that was great for my kids ready in minutes (all while holding my newborn)! Plus, I wish you guys could have seen how quickly my boys devoured their meals. I'm not kidding when I tell you that their food is delicious.

Thanks for making my life a lot easier during this new phase and filling up my kids' bellies with great food, KidFresh!

You can check out their website here and see what other amazing food they have!

Thanks so much for letting us try your amazing food, KidFresh!


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