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Easy At Home Teeth Whitening for Busy Mom of 3

Hi, everyone! I'm so excited to share that I have had the opportunity to work with Smile Brilliant and I've been dying to share about their amazing at home whitening kit with you all.

Keep reading to find out the details for a GIVEAWAY for your very own Smile Brilliant kit! I also have a discount code for you so you can save you some $ in case you don't want to wait for the giveaway.

You all know that I'm a momma (now to 3 boys) and I can't tell you how much I love that I was able to do this from the comfort of my home.

I'm sure like me a lot of you have tried some of the at home whitening solutions that are offered out there. There are toothpastes, strips, and so many other products that you can go pick up at any store. Unfortunately, I think a lot of us have wasted our money on these hoping they'll give us great results and we end up with no results whatsoever and lose our money.

That's why I've been SO excited to share about my experience using Smile Brilliant's custom fitted trays. I think it's still a super affordable option compared to going and getting professional work done - especially because you get to do it from your home so no worrying about getting a baby sitter!

I'm going to be honest with you, I was really nervous about sharing this because I've always been so self conscious of my smile. I like my teeth, but have never liked the color. I just don't have a naturally bright white smile so I've always hoped to find something that would help and not break the bank. Especially now that we have 3 kids, I don't exactly have tons of money to spend on teeth whitening products. Lol.

Here are my before and afters from using the Smile Brilliant kit:

So, with all of that being said I hope you all know that this is something I am so happy to be sharing with you all because I am so happy with my results!

Here's just a few reasons why Smile Brilliant has been amazing to use:

1. It's completely customized
The first step when you get your Smile Brilliant kit is to create your molds and send those in so that you can get your customized trays sent back. They're made exactly for you! It's not a one size fits all kind of product, it's made specifically for you and your teeth to give you the best results.

2. You get to whiten at home
Obviously I'm a momma. And I'm a stay at home mom at that, so I now have 3 boys with me if I go anywhere during the day will hubby is working. I don't think going in for an appointment to get my teeth whitened with 3 kids sounds like a good idea, so I'll gladly whiten from the comfort of my home thanks to Smile Brilliant. Makes it such a great process for a mom!

3. Everything is provided for you to make it a simple process
I loved that once you order through Smile Brilliant, they send you everything that's needed for the whole whitening process. I didn't even have to worry about packaging and shipping costs to send my molds in - they provide that all for you in the box you first get. So that made my life a whole lot easier.

4. And of course - the results!
I'm often someone who is skeptical of these kind of products. Like I mentioned before, there are so many products out there that I've personally tried and have gotten either very little or zero results from. I'm happy to say that I'm so pleasantly surprised with the afters I got from using Smile Brilliant.

I think this would be such a great option for anyone looking to brighten and whiten their smile. It worked so well for me even as a busy momma!

I'm so excited that you could win your own at home whitening kit from Smile Brilliant as well!

Go ahead and click this link to enter the giveaway:

Smile Brilliant Giveaway with Mandy The Momma

Or if you can't wait, use the code "mandythemomma15" for 15% off store wide!

Can't wait to see who wins!

Mandy The Momma

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