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The Subscription You Need If You're a Parent

We are pretty lucky to live in 2019 - the time where there is a subscription for pretty much anything you can think of.

There are wine subscriptions, dog subscriptions, heck even candle or sock subscriptions! If you can think it, it probably exists. 

Most of these aren't necessary, but I will say that a diaper subscription is probably one of the best things available for parents nowadays.

When we had our second son, we went from 1 kiddo in diapers to 2 kiddos in diapers. That's twice as many diapers and wipes, if not more because of how often newborns go to the bathroom. (Seriously - every diaper change after a boys have pooped immediately after. Every. single. time. Lol)

But anyways, because of having 2 in diapers that would mean our grocery trips into town at the time would pretty much consist of diapers if we picked them up in person since we'd need so many. So, I started doing a diaper subscription and having our diapers delivered to our door. It helped so much and was so convenient having them shipped to us.

Fast forward to this January when we were back to only having one kiddo in diapers because our oldest is potty trained, we were just picking up diapers at the store again. We weren't needing them super frequently and the store is 5 minutes away, so it wasn't a big deal to just run and get a small box of diapers.

But fast forward to today, we are now paying for diapers for 2 kiddos again. I don't want to have to go to the store, pick up multiple big boxes of diapers AND wipes if I don't have to. Especially since I'm a stay at home mom, so I'd have to bring all 3 of the boys with me. No thanks! Lol

So that leads me to tell you about Abby & Finn.

If you're anything like me, you probably want to know what the cost is like right away. Abby & Finn diapers are actually cheaper than name brands like Pampers AND The Honest Company! The Honest Company's diaper subscription is one of the most popular subscriptions that I know of, but I've seen a lot of moms having issues with the products or the subscription itself lately. More and more moms have been switching to Abby & Finn!

Let me tell you why we're loving Abby & Finn and why their company (IMO) beats all of the other subscription services out there.

1. As I said before, they're super affordable! They're high quality diapers and wipes for a great price. I have been spending this last week looking up reviews from real moms like me and so many said they're only a few cents more than Costco's diapers, but they're cheaper than name brand diapers and Honest's diapers.

2. You have the option to get diapers AND wipes or just diapers. I know some people have certain preferences for their diapers and wipes, so if you don't want both you're not forced to get both like you are with Honest's subscription.

3. You can get multiple sizes in your subscription! Perfect for someone like me who has multiple kids in diapers and needs more than one size. That was a huge plus for us!

4. The diapers are SO absorbent. Stetson was leaking almost every single night recently. I've tried switching the size of his diapers and cutting back the amount of liquids he has towards the end of the day. He was still leaking, but this past week (actually a little bit more than a week now) that we've been using Abby & Finn diapers, he hasn't leaked once.

5. The company donates a diaper a day for every subscription. The company is amazing, you can read more on their website and see all of the amazing things they're doing. I love getting to support a company that gives back!

6. The wipes only have 4 ingredients, making them so wonderful to use on sensitive baby skin. They're free of soaps, parabens, MIT, and fragrances. They're also not super thin like a lot of wipes are. I don't know about you, but I hate using really thin wipes and feeling like the poop is going to get on my hands. Yuck! These are thick and sturdy, but also super soft and gentle on my boys' skin. They grip the poop really well, too! I never thought I'd type out that sentence, but hey. That's important stuff as a parent. No one wants to be using a million wipes to get off a little bit of poop.

7. They offer a FREE TRIAL of their diapers AND wipes. All you have to do is cover shipping! It's under $5. I definitely recommend doing this so you can try them out before committing to a subscription.

8. You can save some $ when you sign up for your first subscription with them! Right now you'll save $10 when signing up. Love me some savings!

9. The diapers are chlorine free! I know that's huge for so many parents. I'm not kidding when I tell you the diapers and wipes are high quality. They're super gentle, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and super absorbent.

10. And of course, since it's a diaper subscription it's so convenient as I said before to have them shipped to your door. No having to throw all 3 of my kiddos in their car seats and take them to the store to pick up diapers. If you haven't done a diaper subscription before, I definitely recommend it. Abby & Finn even does free shipping for their monthly subscriptions! Such a great deal.

SO many reasons why they're an awesome option for us parents!

Since I said earlier that I spent some time looking up reviews from other moms, I read a lot of what they said they liked/didn't like compared to Honest's subscription. I'll share what I found (which was on their Facebook page if you want to look as well):

1. Every review I read said that these diapers aren't as stiff as Honest's and that they are more absorbent.

2. A lot of parents said their kids got rash's from Honest diapers, but when they switched to Abby & Finn they didn't have that issue.

3. You have the option to only get diapers or get diapers and wipes with Abby & Finn. With Honest, you're forced to get both even if you only want diapers.

4. The only downside I saw when comparing Abby & Finn to Honest was that Abby & Finn doesn't offer pull ups like Honest does. That was the only reason I saw as to why some moms weren't leaving Honest yet. I saw lots of moms comment, "The day Abby & Finn adds pull ups to their subscription, I'm leaving Honest!" So, I'll keep my eye out for y'all in case they change this down the road.

If you're thinking about giving them a try after reading this, I definitely recommend doing their free trial first because every baby is different. You can click here for the trial.

With both of our boys being in these diapers and having 0 leaks or blowouts, I am so impressed and happy. And we've definitely had some contenders for blowouts/leaks lately. Lol

I hope you guys check them out and give them a try! If you do, let me know how you like them!

Mandy The Momma


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