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CaseApp Review, Discount Code and GIVEAWAY!

Hi, beautiful friends!

I've really been looking forward to this blog post. I was so excited when CaseApp reached out about working together. Below I'll be briefly sharing about my experience with making my own customized phone case on their website, the quality of the product, a discount code to save you some $ and a GIVEAWAY! So keep reading ;)
I don't know about you guys, but I have a LOT of pictures on my phone.
To be precise...
That's a lot of pictures hahaha :)
So it's definitely safe to say I use my phone a bunch. I have used it for all of my photos on my blog and Instagram, so it's my baby. I have my whole life on there and my kids' lives as well. I use it every single day of my life.

And since phones aren't cheap, I always make sure to have a case on my phone. It drops frequently when I'm taking photos for collabs or just of the kids and thankfully since I always keep a case on it, the camera has never been damaged.

Lately I've …

Lactation Coffee Milk Booster + Giveaway

I'm currently 7 weeks into breastfeeding my third son. Each time I have breastfed our sons, my experience has been different. With Takoda, he recently got sick and although my supply is pretty generous at the moment, I am happy to do whatever I can to make sure I am providing enough for him.
Now, there are a lot of supplements out there for nursing moms, I've personally tried a few but I have never heard of a coffee option until I was introduced to Milksta.

(And please keep in mind if you're planning on breastfeeding or currently are and want to try any supplements or boosters, I definitely suggest talking to your doctor and a lactation consultant to make sure it's okay for you and your little one.)
Milksta is an organic, decaf and vegan nursing coffee. It is brewed with 100% pure and natural organic herbal extracts to help boost breast and milk supply production.

The ingredients are:
Moringa leaves, spinach, carrots, brewer's yeast, dates, oat creamer, coconut oil…