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Takoda and Stetson's Room

Our youngest son, Takoda, is now 8 months old.
I'm just now getting around to putting together a room for him because our babies stay with us while they're little. I breastfeed and get better rest with them in our bed, so I usually make a space in our room for them while they're pretty little. This was Takoda's set up:

But we're now getting to the point of momma needing some good sleep to feel like a normal functioning human being 😉😴

I put the room together with everything we already had at home plus one new piece of furniture which I'll be showing you in this blog post.

Takoda and our middle son, Stetson, are actually going to be sharing a room since we live in a 3 bedroom. So we transitioned Stetson from the crib he's been in so that Takoda can have the crib and now Stetson is in the toddler bed

I grabbed some decor we had from around the house to hang on the walls. Here's what I used:

Here's where everything is from (I'll link the products that are from stores like Amazon, local shops you can buy from, etc):

The canopy above the crib is something I won off of Instagram. I love giveaways so much! Great way to try to snag something if you don't have it in your budget to buy at the moment. Unfortunately this specific company I won the canopy from is no longer selling these, but there are tons on Amazon or lots of small shops that sell them.

 The Happy Canyon poster is from a local company called Ranch Cut Designs that made the frame as well.

The crib is from Amazon (>100)

Toddler bed is from Amazon (>70)

Bedding from Amazon as well (>25)

Then some little chaps my mom found from a thrift store, western decor from small shops or thrift stores over the years and the boys' cowboy hats that we got from Sheplers.

The nightstand is from Delta Children and we love it! I put it together with all 3 of the boys around me. Lots of telling them to stop jumping around the pieces and to be careful, but it was totally doable with the kiddos around :)

I love the addition of the nightstand in the room, it is a great place to keep diapers and wipes or the boys' clothes since they can reach both drawers. So for now I decided to use a little basket I grabbed from the dollar store for diapers and wipes on top and use the two drawers for Cash and Stetson's clothes. That way they can both pick their clothes and get dressed. Love that it helps with the independence we try to teach the boys!

I imagine I'll probably use it in several rooms over the years as our needs change. That's a big reason why I love this piece - it's very versatile and so cute, so it goes with so much.

We ordered it from Target and had it shipped to our home. It was packaged so well, so nothing got damaged and the instructions were clear and easy for this multitasking momma 😅

This specific nightstand also comes in a nice light grey color. I obviously picked the white and I think it goes well with the color scheme of the boys' room (if you can even call it a color scheme since everything was pretty much just thrown together 😂)

I do also like that the drawers aren't super heavy, so it won't hurt the boys' fingers much if they accidentally get stuck in there and it'll be easy for them to get their fingers out. I hate when little ones get their fingers stuck and can't move the drawer since it's so heavy. So I think this is a great option for littles!

Here's the link for this nightstand if you want to check it out - Emerson Delta Children Nightstand.

I love how their room turned out and love seeing my babies play together in there. Making a safe and cute space for my boys feels great! Thanks for sending us the nightstand, Delta Children! It is the perfect addition to their little room. 😊

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about where something is from. I'd be happy to send you a link :)



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