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When I was in high school I got to do some modeling. It was so amazing getting to work with such talented photographers and model for them. I also had the opportunity to be in a handful of fashion shows in Denver.
My very first fashion show I was in, I had just turned 15 a few weeks before. I WAS FREAKING OUT. If you know me personally, you know I'm like a little kid with candy when it comes to anything fashion or hair and makeup related. So to say that I was shaking with excitement is quite an understatement.
I owe it all to my mom who made that first fashion show happen because she knew the designer who was putting on the show. I remember our fitting was actually at Water World. Lol. I was so scared, you guys. Little shy 15 year old Mandy entering this room of all these tall gorgeous women. I was SO intimidated.
We had our hair and makeup done at this amazing Aveda salon in downtown Denver (which started my love for Aveda and planted my dream of going there). The show was calle…