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Nothing Was Everything

Hi, everyone!

It's been awhile since I've posted a new blog post. Life has honestly just been so crazy lately. I feel like I am just getting by one day at a time with everything. Stetson has been so fussy lately (not sure if it's teething, but it's like our happy baby just went away for the last week or so) and today he woke up from his sleep throwing up and he has what we assume is the flu. :(

So today I am literally just trying to make it through the day with the kids. Our house is a mess because we've been so busy lately. The laundry is out of control, I need to vacuum, do the million dishes that are stacked on our counter and I have a million other things to clean. I feel so overwhelmed as I sit here in our messy house. Does anyone else get like that? It really bothers me throughout the day if our house is like this. I feel like I can't relax and just enjoy myself and the day. So hopefully I can get some of that done today. Lol

But I really wanted to share with you guys what has been on my heart and mind. Yesterday as I was scrolling on Facebook, I clicked on a video one of my friends shared. In the description it said, "New mothers, as you do the hardest work of your life, it will seem like you're not getting anything done at all. (But you are.)" I'm not a new mother, but I love watching videos like this one. And boy did it make tears fall out of my eyes and make me emotional. It's one of the sweetest videos I've seen and it really got my attention because everything in it is so true about motherhood.

The video started with the question, "What do new moms "do" all day?"

A question asked all the time. Especially for the stay at home mommas in the world. I feel like there is this stereotype about SAHM's being lazy or like they literally don't do anything all day. I'll be honest and say that it does not compare to the hard work my husband does every day. I get to relax on the couch or sleep in a little if I want (*get* lol) to. But I literally haven't had my body to myself in like 4 years now. I was pregnant with Cash, breastfed him until 14 months, I got pregnant with Stetson when Cash was about 12-13 months old, and I'm currently breastfeeding him. There's a chance I might not have my body back to myself until we're done having kids. That in itself is hard work. Most of my day is feeding Stetson and I am on his schedule. So sure, being a SAHM might be easy on some days, but ultimately it is literally a 24/7 job. I've never done anything more challenging in my life.

The video went on to talk about how we might get dressed or eat a little something. Or maybe not (let's be real - I'm sitting in my pajamas I put on yesterday afternoon and have eaten half a bagel today #momlife). Then it's like they were reading my mind after that. Talking about the laundry loads that might get started and never finished. How it feels like I'm just not getting anything done.

But then it went on to talk about what all of us moms ARE doing...

Like responding to hunger cues. Tears. Smiles. Teaching our babies to navigate the world. We are growing a family. Literally. Our bodies create these lives! How amazing is that? We create a foundation of love and trust. We are becoming mothers. This all starts with pregnancy and continues beyond birth. Our children are growing and so are we.


And then it offered some amazing advice that I so terribly needed:

"So if you're wondering where the day has gone...take a deep breath....there is no greater task than the "nothing" you did today. And when the hard part'll realize "nothing" was actually everything."


That hit me like a brick wall. Days like today when I have *literally* a million things to get done and I feel like I haven't done anything, I'm actually getting the important stuff done. I'm making sure my baby gets healthy. I am providing my children with a loving home. A safe place. I am raising these little humans and that will probably be the greatest achievement of my life. I fail them daily and don't deserve them, but I am so thankful that God chose me to be their mother. He knew they needed me and I needed them.

The video reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of advice I was given that I often remind myself of:

"The days are long. Oh, but the years are short."

Isn't that so perfect? It has honestly helped me get through so many hard and trying times as a mom. So to all you mommas out there having a hard day, hard week, or even a hard'll get through this. You are the best mother for your children. Feed those precious babies, love on them and don't forget to love on yourself too. And don't forget that #nothingwaseverything

If you want to watch this video (I promise you do, it's less than two minutes of your time), here it is

Thanks for reading,

Mandy the Momma


  1. Yes! And let's not forget that teens need their mamas a lot too. Late night talks, relationship and fashion discussions, scary things going on in the world. They need to be hugged and fed and nurtured DAILY. You're doing it right, Mandy...Don't let anyone tell you that there's any job out there that's more worthy. I gave my all to my kids the last 15 years. I have no regrets. They are kind, confident, happy, secure kiddos. Every single day it was me who raised them, along with their daddy after he worked his 60 hours that week to take care of us all. I homeschool, work from home part-time, nursed for 7 years, was pregnant 5 times. My youngest is only 7 so I still have many years left and I plan on enjoying every single day with them. Our 15 year old is the kindest, most helpful, self-confident, hard working, curious, responsible teen. He's not only respectful of us, he respects himself and others, including girls. I know it seems like far away, but you blink and they'll be driving, seriously. I love your blog and you ��

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Women like you are such great examples to young moms like me and a good reminder for that it is all worth it. <3


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