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Lilli's Blossom Boutique

Good morning, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

It's the day after Mother's Day and it seems like my children knew that once midnight hit, my special day was over and they tortured me with waking up and being stinkers last night. So now I'm sleepy and can't wait for nap time today (wish me luck that it's better than last night haha). BUT my sleep deprivation won't keep me from sharing some super cute things with you!

I've been so excited to share about this boutique. Let me clarify real quick that in no way is this an advertisement or sponsored by Lilli's Blossom Boutique. I am just so in love with her stuff that I HAVE to share with all my friends!

I actually went to school with Gabbi, the owner of Lilli's Blossom Boutique. We've been friends on Facebook and I have had the pleasure of watching her journey from Lularoe to opening up her own boutique. Isn't it so awesome watching people succeed and chase their own dreams? It's s…