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The Easiest Meals for a Busy Mom

"Goodness for kids is what we are all about"

As you may know, I recently became a mom of 3. I can't quite put into words how busy life is right now. Thankfully the two older boys are on the same schedule for naps, but from the moment they're up life is go, go, go!
I have to sit and feed the baby every couple hours and then there are the never ending diaper changes between him and the 1 year old. 
It feels kind of nice to stay busy, but it also makes it more challenging for me to get some things done. And more often than not, I love when we have food in the house that is quick and easy to get ready for the kids because honestly it just makes life a little easier. And easier right now means everything. 
KidFresh was kind enough to send us some of their delicious meals and I can't tell you how thankful I was for them. I even joined in with the boys because they're so yummy (and because breastfeeding makes you so. dang. hungry)!

I know a lot of you will love KidF…

Swearby - Awesome Products that Awesome Women "Swear By"

I love sharing about things that I love. It makes me happy to recommend great products that I use in hopes that you might try them out and love them as much as I do.
A lot of times that's how we do our shopping, right? We see someone we trust share a product that they are enjoying and we go and purchase that product. There's certain people I follow on Instagram specifically for the products they share about! That's actually a lot of what Instagram is nowadays. Influencers and bloggers sharing about products that they're sent and we always hope they're giving us their honest review.

Unfortunately, I don't think that's always the case. And let me tell you why.

When I first pursued being an influencer on Instagram, I was so excited about any opportunity that was sent my way. Instead of being picky about the companies I collaborated with, I just wanted to say yes to every opportunity! I mean it's exciting when you are offered free product (or even sometime…

The Story Behind The Cradle

We've had this cradle since the day after we got married in 2015.

My husband and I got married 9 months after meeting each other. We got pregnant with our first son, Cash, about 7 or 8 months into our relationship. And after telling our families about our pregnancy, we planned our wedding in 5 days.

We had a really nice ceremony with about 30 of our friends and family on Valentine's Day. It was a beautiful day in Colorado and we were even able to have our ceremony outside.

The hotel we stayed at on our wedding night was really close to a thrift store that my husband had gone to frequently and the owner was a sweet old lady that just adored him. Of course she did though! He was a tall, dark, and handsome cowboy from South Dakota. Who wouldn't love him? ;)

The day after our wedding, we took our time getting up and enjoying our first morning together as husband and wife. Some of our family had given us some gift cards to Bed, Bath & Beyond, so we went and treated ourselv…

Motherlode Box - The Ultimate Birth Kit (and discount code)

I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow with baby #3, so I am getting ready for the big day that is quickly approaching! Since this is my third time preparing for labor, I have an idea of what to expect and what it will be like. I was fortunate enough to have both of my sons vaginally and had smooth and healthy deliveries. But, you also never know what is going to happen. Unfortunately birth is one of those experiences in life that you have no control over, but that is also what makes it an even more incredible experience. :)
It's definitely nerve-wrecking leading up to the end of pregnancy and not knowing when I'll go into labor. I was 41 weeks when I woke up in labor with my first son and then I was induced at 40 weeks with my second son. So who knows if Takoda will come around his due date, if he'll be early, or if he is going to keep us waiting. But what I do know is that this time next month we'll have a baby in our arms! So crazy to think about.

Since his arrival is appro…