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Kiss Kiss Goodnight Baby Bath Gel Review

As a mother, I long to give my children the best.

I've tried a lot of different soaps over the years for my kiddos, but they're all pretty much the same...I mean they're soap, so how different can they get?

It wasn't until Kiss Kiss Goodnight sent me their 3-in-1 bath gel that I realized there actually is something different out there besides the standard soaps we've all used.

The reason why this is so different is because you actually massage it into your child's skin before putting them in the bath. So you don't put it on when your baby is in the bath, you put it on their skin before they're in the water.

I can't express to you guys how wonderful it feels when I rub it into Takoda's skin. It isn't sticky at all and it rubs in very smoothly and easily - yet the product is very generous so I don't have to use a ton.

Then once I'm done rubbing it into his sweet baby skin, I put him in the bath water and the gel turns into this amazin…

What You Should Be Keeping In Your Diaper Bag (From a mom of 3)

Honestly, this could apply to everyone and not just us parents. I keep my diaper bag stocked full with some things that have saved me in certain situations. I'll share them with you so hopefully they can come in handy in the future!

Some of the most important things:
Snacks and drinks.
Children are always hungry. Unless you're at home trying to feed them vegetables and healthy foods, then all of a sudden they don't want to eat ;)
Always bring good on-the-go snacks that won't be super messy. I like to bring things like granola bars or fruit snacks. In the mornings I'll also bring a banana for the boys and maybe even some yogurt depending on where we're going. My children are not pleasant when they're hangry, so snacks are a must. It has also saved me a time or two by having snacks in my diaper bag and maybe I had forgotten to eat my breakfast because I was too busy feeding everyone else. Snacks are a must for any and everyone!
I also try to bring drinks. My…

Formulate: Shampoo + Conditioner Perfectly Engineered Just For YOU

Hair care is super important. 
No matter what kind of hair you have, how often you do it, or what phase of life you're in, you should always make your hair care a priority.
I recently got to try out Formulate and their personalized shampoo and conditioner.

Yep, it really is personalized just for YOU!

It was a really easy process to get my "formula" set up. I downloaded their free app, answered some questions about my hair and that was it. The questions were about the current state of my hair, natural tendencies, what it deals with (styling, products, environment), etc. I love that they are very thorough to get to know my hair as best as they can.

They then asked about concerns and goals I have for my hair, took my answers and BOOM! They formulated a shampoo/conditioner that was engineered specifically for my hair. The shampoo and conditioner was then sent to my home. It was really nice because the Formulate team made sure to check in with me and kept me up to date with …

Easy and Cheap DIY Earring Holders (Under $10!)

Thanks to Dollar Tree for sponsoring this post. It was fun doing some organization projects and getting in the mood for spring cleaning.
I've been wanting to buy or make something to hold all of my jewelry for quite awhile. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest, found some I liked and went shopping with those ideas for inspiration to make my own.

Right now I don't want to spend hundreds on a fancy jewelry holder. I've got 2 kids in diapers at the moment, so I'd rather be thrifty with things like jewelry holders since it's not something I need :)
Spending less than 10 bucks to make my own jewelry holders is totally doable compared to a jewelry armoire that typically starts around $85.

I made 4 earring holders total. For those, the cost was $7. You can see above that I made 3 smaller ones and one large one.

I also made a separate jewelry holder for rings, bracelets and earrings that don't have hooks. This cost under $10 as well. I did already have the spray paint …