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Boho Hale Monogrammable Bags (Get 50% off + free shipping)

Happy Monday, friends!

In a few weeks, we're going to be going on a super short staycation with my parents here in Oregon. They're traveling from Colorado and we're going to be staying at a gorgeous victorian house my dad found on Airbnb.

Isn't it SO gorgeous?!

If you're needing a cute Airbnb in Pendleton, here's the link for this house. It'd be the perfect place to book for photographers or just to stay at instead of a hotel like we're doing - especially if you have a big family and don't want to be confined to one room with all your crazy kids ;)

I'm already writing a list down of all of the photos I want to get while we're there! Hahaha. Can you tell I'm an Instagram mom/blogger? Lol. I have some collabs coming up and this house will be the perfect location for photographing the products :)

But, the reason I'm telling you about this is because I'm actually going to be taking my super cute monogrammed bag from Boho Hale for this trip!

It'll be the perfect size for my things since we're only going to be there for a few nights total.

Isn't this bag adorable though? It's going to be so fun to use for trips and summer outings coming up soon. I can't wait!

Boho Hale has SO many amazing bags, totes, travel cases, laptop sleeves and weekenders like mine. And the best part? You can get them monogrammed. Y'all know I love products that can be personalized. I put "MTM" on mine for "Mandy The Momma" :)

I love the pop of yellow against the navy. It has me feeling so ready for summer!

And because they're so awesome, they were so kind to offer a 50% percent discount for you! This discount is only live for 72 hours AND you will get FREE shipping as well :)

So go check out their website and treat yourself to a super cute bag.

The code is MTM50 and applies to everything on the website :)

Here are the links to check out their pages and to shop:

Boho Hale Facebook

Boho Hale Instagram

Boho Hale Home Page

Boho Hale bags

Boho Hale Kelly Weekender Bag (this is the one I chose)

Can't wait to see what you guys get! Make sure to tag me when you get yours so I can see :)


Mandy The Momma


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