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Easy and Cheap DIY Earring Holders (Under $10!)

Thanks to Dollar Tree for sponsoring this post. It was fun doing some organization projects and getting in the mood for spring cleaning.

I've been wanting to buy or make something to hold all of my jewelry for quite awhile. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest, found some I liked and went shopping with those ideas for inspiration to make my own.

Right now I don't want to spend hundreds on a fancy jewelry holder. I've got 2 kids in diapers at the moment, so I'd rather be thrifty with things like jewelry holders since it's not something I need :)

Spending less than 10 bucks to make my own jewelry holders is totally doable compared to a jewelry armoire that typically starts around $85.

I made 4 earring holders total. For those, the cost was $7. You can see above that I made 3 smaller ones and one large one.

I also made a separate jewelry holder for rings, bracelets and earrings that don't have hooks. This cost under $10 as well. I did already have the spray paint and super glue though. So my total for this one was $4.

Let me break down what I got so you know what to get if you want to make your own:

For the frame earring holders:

Frames (I did 3 small black ones and one large black one)
One roll of black non-slip drawer liner
Super glue
Double sided sticky things to hang them (if you don't want to use nails on your walls)

For the plate jewelry holder:

One large plate (doesn't matter what color if you're going to spray paint)
One smaller plate
Two candle holders

You could be even more thrifty if you have frames or plates at home that you don't use.

I bought all black frames so they'd match, but you could always paint them or be even more crafty and make them cute with ribbon or buttons or something, you know? I might do that down the road, but for right now I like the simplicity of the black.

For the plates, I wanted to spray paint everything since the only candle holders they had were clear. I bet I could find some super cool looking candle holders at Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx and make an even cuter version of this. However, this works for now and I'm happy with it :)

You'll also need scissors. I used scissors to trim down the drawer liner and to cut it for the size of the frames. I still have extra from the one roll I bought and I used the drawer liner on all 4 of the frames I got. You could always get extra in case, it is only one dollar more!

It's SO easy to make these and pretty dang quick as well.

Here are the steps for the frames:

1. Take out glass and cardboard/paper so it leaves only the frames
2. Cut drawer liner to size of the frame
3. Grab super glue and start glueing at one corner. Check to make sure it has dried before moving to next corner so you don't get super glue all over
4. Grab the next corner you want to do (I don't think it matters which one), but pull fairly tight so that that liner holds up earrings well. You don't want it to be loose and saggy. Glue this corner and continue this until you've glued every corner.
5. Trim the extra liner that sticks out the sides so you can't see it when you hang the frames on the wall.
6. Either apply the sticky things to the back of the frame so they're ready to stick on the wall, or grab your hammer and nail and hang it on the wall. Or you could even lean the frame against a shelf or something.

Here are the steps for the plates:

1. Spray paint both plates and candle holders if needed and let dry
2. Try to center the candle holder with the plate as best as you can and super glue it, then do the same with the other candle holder and plate. The order I did this is the candle holder at the bottom, then the large plate, the second candle holder, then the smaller plate on the top. Just do it however you think will be easiest for you.
3. Make sure the super glue has dried and you're good to go!

That's it! SO easy to make both of these DIY's it's ridiculous. I wish I would have done this forever ago.

I also picked up a small vase and some black sand to put some makeup brushes in and this cute holder that ended up being the perfect size for some of my makeup palettes:

If you make some of these, tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see!

Hope you guys enjoyed this :)


Mandy The Momma


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