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Kiss Kiss Goodnight Baby Bath Gel Review

As a mother, I long to give my children the best.

I've tried a lot of different soaps over the years for my kiddos, but they're all pretty much the same...I mean they're soap, so how different can they get?

It wasn't until Kiss Kiss Goodnight sent me their 3-in-1 bath gel that I realized there actually is something different out there besides the standard soaps we've all used.

The reason why this is so different is because you actually massage it into your child's skin before putting them in the bath. So you don't put it on when your baby is in the bath, you put it on their skin before they're in the water.

I can't express to you guys how wonderful it feels when I rub it into Takoda's skin. It isn't sticky at all and it rubs in very smoothly and easily - yet the product is very generous so I don't have to use a ton.

Then once I'm done rubbing it into his sweet baby skin, I put him in the bath water and the gel turns into this amazing cleansing milk. It's so fun to see it change right before my eyes. It's also so nice not to have to hold a slippery baby and worry about getting the soap bottle, putting soap on him, rubbing it on their skin everywhere and then rinse it off. It's really made it simple for bath time now and so much more enjoyable. And I truly mean that. 

My kids always seem to hate bath time when they're pretty little like Takoda and then they love it as they get older. So right now, bath time is best for us if it's quick and simple. I hate making Takoda stay in the bath for super long if he's crying hard and upset. So it really has been so nice to just be able to put him in the water, let him be in the bath for however long he can handle/enjoy it, and then just simply take him out and bath time is over.

He loves his little massage he gets before bath time too, it's a sweet time for him and I as I rub his belly and cute little toes and he coos and talks to me. I love it so much.

I'm really happy to tell you that Kiss Kiss Goodnight is all natural and made from only 7 ingredients. It's vegan, made with no harsh chemicals and non-GMO oils.

The gel has a really light fresh scent to it and I love that it's not over powering like some baby soaps can be. I don't know about you guys, but some scents really bother me or give me headaches when they're strong and this one is thankfully not like that. Takoda smells so fresh and wonderful after using Kiss Kiss Goodnight.

I can't think of a single thing I dislike about this product. Since it lasts so long, it is definitely worth the price to me. And especially since it's good for my little ones skin, I think that makes it even more worth it.

So thank you for making such a wonderful product for our precious babies, Kiss Kiss Goodnight! All of us mommas appreciate is so much.

If you'd like to get some for your baby, you can head here to shop on their website. Don't forget to give Kiss Kiss Goodnight a follow on their Instagram and go "like" their Facebook page.

Let me know what you guys think when you try it out!




  1. Wow Momma, you are amazing. Your boys are so lucky to have you. Thank you for the amazing review :)


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