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What You Should Be Keeping In Your Diaper Bag (From a mom of 3)

Honestly, this could apply to everyone and not just us parents. I keep my diaper bag stocked full with some things that have saved me in certain situations. I'll share them with you so hopefully they can come in handy in the future!

Some of the most important things:

Snacks and drinks.

Children are always hungry. Unless you're at home trying to feed them vegetables and healthy foods, then all of a sudden they don't want to eat ;)

Always bring good on-the-go snacks that won't be super messy. I like to bring things like granola bars or fruit snacks. In the mornings I'll also bring a banana for the boys and maybe even some yogurt depending on where we're going. My children are not pleasant when they're hangry, so snacks are a must. It has also saved me a time or two by having snacks in my diaper bag and maybe I had forgotten to eat my breakfast because I was too busy feeding everyone else. Snacks are a must for any and everyone!

I also try to bring drinks. My rule is one drink for each kid and one for myself. I could just bring one big thing of water, but guess what? Kids don't always like to share. So giving them their own drinks could save you from having to deal with meltdowns about sharing a drink :)

I will actually sometimes bring an empty bottle/sippy cup if we're going to a restaurant or something so I don't have to worry about spills or having to help with the drink the entire time we're there. It's easier to just pour the drink in their cup and hand it off to them. So easy!

Next up...

EXTRA diapers/wipes and outfits.

My 3 year old is potty trained, but we've already experienced a couple accidents in public. And guess what? I forgot to bring extra underwear and bottoms for him. Never again!

I'll also bring a change of clothes for the baby because blowouts are not fun and I don't want my baby to sit in his poop.

I know some people actually keep a change of clothes in their vehicle for their kids or themselves. I think I might do this soon because there have just been too many times when the kids or myself have needed a new shirt or new pants.

This next one you MUST start bringing with you if you don't already...


Or even a couple. Or there are packs at the dollar store which would be nice to have so many.

They come in handy for SO much.

Poopy diaper and no where to put it? Throw it in the bag and tie it up to try and keep it from stinking up wherever you are. So much better than putting it directly in your diaper bag and it getting all stinky.

Kid peed his pants? Throw the wet pants in the bag so you don't get pee all over your diaper bag.

Baby blow out? Throw the onesie or outfit in the bag. No one wants baby poop lining the inside of their diaper bag or getting all over their stuff.

It's even great for cleaning up all the trash and having something to put the trash in other than the diaper bag.

Really the options are endless and it can be so helpful having some plastic bags with.

My last tip for what you should be keeping in your diaper bag is more for parents...

Little gadgets/household items.

Sure, I might bring some small toys with me like cars or something. But how often do kids get tired of their toys? You know, like when a box is sitting in the living room and it can keep them entertained for hours or even days! Lol

That's why I like to bring random odd objects from around the house that can keep my kids entertained.

Some things that I might throw in the mix are:

Fidget spinners, a chip bag clip (my 1 year old loves these - who knows why), an old pair of sunglasses I don't care about breaking, a lock and key, a small makeup mirror, an old cell phone that doesn't work anymore, etc.

These are just some of the things I packed in my diaper bag when I flew with my 2 older boys while pregnant with my third son. Anything that didn't take up a bunch of room, didn't make noise and wasn't a choking hazard.

It was so great because I could just switch them out as soon as they were bored with one item and just rotate through all of them.

One more thing I always bring...

A portable charger and cord so that I don't have to worry about my phone dying. You never know what the day will bring and if you might be in need of it!

The diaper bag you see in these photos was sent to us from Pipi Bear. 
This is actually our second bag from them and I couldn't love them more! I got my first one in November when we moved to Oregon and it's still holding up so well. I love this new one they just sent us because it's so cute, has a ton of pockets like our other one and it's super sturdy and roomy. It's fun to have 2 different styles and switch it up every now and then.

They are also SUPER affordable. Sorry, but I just can't spend hundreds on a diaper bag that I'll probably spill stuff on and be hard on (hello, boy mom here!). They're all around $30 on Amazon, so if you're a Prime member you'll get free 2 day shipping. They have a bunch of other styles that are all super cute as well. Here's the link to check them out on Amazon :)

Also, something to keep in mind when choosing a diaper bag...get a diaper bag BACKPACK. I can't tell you how annoying it is when a strap is falling down your arm while trying to carry your kids and you can't fix it because you don't have a free hand. I'll never go back to a regular diaper bag because of this. So much better being hands free!

Now tell me, what do you keep in your bag/diaper bag that you can't go without?

The other day I asked my followers on Instagram what their best suggestions are and here are some of my favorite answers:

@mellon_mama: Sunscreen

Such a good idea! You never know when you'll be out in the sun and need to protect your skin or your kiddos skin.

@mamasnibbles_26: Spare key to house

Oh. My. Gosh.

How did I not think of this before? That would be so smart to always keep a spare in a pocket of your diaper bag. Totally doing this now.

@damesandscout: $10 bill for the times you forget your wallet

GENIUS! Doing this now too. There have been too many times I've forgotten mine and had no money for coffee! #fail

@sonyarita12: Portable phone charger

YESSSSSSS! I always try to bring a charger, but I've recently been bringing a portable one with me and it's already come in handy so many times.

@naomihaddock: First aid kit & Neo To Go (spray Neosporin)

So so SO smart. Another thing I need to add to my diaper bag! Lol. Also had no idea they made Neosporin to go. So convenient!

@mane_kait: Fingernail clippers

She said she uses them as scissors all the time and I can totally see that! I am thinking about all the times that would have come in handy right now. Adding those to my bag!

@lifewithbeauty6: Motrin/Tylenol

Such a good one. Never know when your baby will start teething or if they'll get a fever or just not feel well. I think I'll get a spare thing of medicine to just keep in my bag so I don't have to worry about moving ours from the bathroom cabinet to my diaper bag.

Aren't those some good ideas? And I love that all of them are pretty small things, so they won't take up a bunch of room. But I can definitely see me needing these things down the road and I'm pretty sure I'll be so happy I had them with!

Thanks for your awesome suggestions, everyone!

And thank you to Pipi Bear for sending us this amazing diaper bag. Here's a link to get the diaper bag we have. It's Amazon Prime and under $35!

Hope this was helpful!


Mandy The Momma


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