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Boardman Beauty Bar

I recently got to photograph an adorable spa/salon here in Oregon and let me tell you, if you're in Northeastern Oregon, you need to check out the Boardman Beauty Bar! It is the perfect one-stop-shop to get everything done! 

Right away when walking into BBB, I could tell what a positive and wonderful place Kimberly had made for her clients. It was my first time meeting her when I came to take these photos and right away she was so friendly and welcoming. Which can be hard to come by in this industry. 😊

Here's some photos of their cute space:

They offer a wide variety of services over at Boardman Beauty Bar. From haircuts and colors to massages and facials, not to mention the tanning bed and you can even get your mani + pedi while there. I love that they offer so much in one space like this - makes things so much simpler and relaxing. No need to drive to several locations for different appointments. 🙌

Being a Young Mom: My Age Doesn't Define My Ability to be a Good Mom

"Being a young parent means we met a little early, but it also means I get to love you a little longer."
I got pregnant when I was 19. My boyfriend (now husband for over 4 years) and I had only known each other for around 7-8 months by the time I got pregnant.
I always hoped I'd be a mom someday, but I never thought I'd become a mom so young. My body was still growing and changing when I got pregnant. I barely had anytime to just feel like a young woman with a woman's body. And before I knew it, my body was no longer just my body...
 My belly and my breasts grew, my feet got swollen, and my skin was no longer smooth... It was hard saying goodbye to my body and knowing things would never quite be the same, but I saw the beauty in it. I knew my body was made for growing life and I tried my best to embrace the changes and prepare for my new life as a young mother.

There are a couple things that I think are amazing (and of course not the only amazing things, but jus…