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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest

Hi, beautiful friends!

Let's chat about Pinterest.

I remember when Pinterest first started and how everyone instantly fell in love with it. 
I remember pinning ideas for my future wedding and basically just planning my future life I hoped I'd have one day on this new platform. 😂

Do you remember how it used to share your pins to your Facebook profile? And didn't you have to be invited to get on Pinterest in the beginning? 

It's obviously changed a bit.
Now I use Pinterest when I need to find a DIY tutorial on how to do a cute hairstyle or to find a simple recipe when I don't know what to make for dinner.

But what a lot of people don't realize is how powerful Pinterest really is. 

For someone like me who is a blogger and content creator, any kind of growth and exposure is a big deal. I use my Facebook pages (personal and business), I use my Instagram profiles and pretty much any other social media platform I have to grow my presence online.
And for the longest time I wasn't using Pinterest to help grow my pages.

If you're a small business owner, you want to grow your blog views, you have something you're selling on Etsy, or maybe you want to grow your Instagram, then you NEED to be using Pinterest (or at least you should be 😉).

It's a huge search engine that people use all day everyday.
Not to mention it's a FREE way for you to grow online.

I'm not an expert on Pinterest at all, but I have grown my monthly views in the past few weeks from 12k views to 41k views. All of that is just from pinning some favorite pins everyday and also adding my own pins from the content I've created. 

I no longer only pin things I find on Pinterest.
I pin things from my blog and I also pin posts that I've shared on my Instagram.
It's a great way to get new faces to your website or profile and hardly takes anytime!
Here's what one of my boards is like with only content created by me:

I also  definitely recommend being active on Pinterest.
Use it everyday.
Spend 5 minutes (or heck, even less! It really doesn't take long to pin a few things) to save a handful of pins to some of your boards. Add some of your content to your Pinterest that isn't on there yet. Edit your bio and profile to be appealing so that when someone clicks on your page they'll want to hit that "follow" button and scroll through your stuff. Also, make your account a business account. Lots of helpful tools and changes how your profile looks to others.

It's also great to be using your Pinterest if you're a blogger or content creator so that you can offer this to brands you want to work with.A lot of brands ask about blogs, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Youtube, and Pinterest accounts. You never know what a certain brand is looking for, so I think it's great to have a lot to offer. I include my Pinterest views and info on my media kit so brands can see that when I reach out about working together. 

And if you're someone that has an Etsy shop, then definitely start using Pinterest.
You might not use Pinterest to shop, but a lot of people do.
Add some pins that take everyone to your Etsy shop so you can get some new customers! Here's a screenshot of my board "My Etsy Shop" and the pins I saved that were items I have had in my shop:

Not to mention, it's great because it works for everyone and everything.
I don't know about you, but I typically search for specific things on Pinterest when I need to find a tutorial or idea, so I try to add pins to my Pinterest that would be helpful to people when they're looking for specific things.

For instance, I have a board called "iPhone Photography" that has a lot of photos I've taken with my phone for my blog/Instagram/personal use. I have looked up iPhone photography before on Pinterest, so I thought making a board would be a great way to show people my work and what you can achieve with just a smartphone.

There's also a great tool for you to use called Tailwind. I'll be honest, I literally just got it this last week so I can't speak much about it. But I know SO many people that use it and it's supposed to really help and make things even easier for growing your Pinterest. So here's the link to check it out.
From my understanding, it basically schedules your pins and simplifies things even more for you :)

I am also going to invest in a Pinterest course (an affordable one) so I can grow mine even more and have more to offer to brands I work with.

My friend, Bethany, over at @wavesandlilacs has grown her Pinterest views to almost 1 MILLION monthly views after a course she's taken. Isn't that amazing?! So I'm going to take that course so I can learn more about how to best use Pinterest for my blog and Instagram. 

Here's the course she took and I soon will be too!
I'm going to update this blog post after I take the course and start applying what I learn. Hopefully it will bring a lot of growth.

That sums up pretty much everything I wanted to share about Pinterest.
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Did you realize Pinterest could be such an awesome tool for you? What are your best Pinterest tips? I want to know!

Mandy The Momma


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