What the Eagleshield's Are Up To

Well I think it's safe to say that 2020 has been an interesting year, am I right? We've had a pretty good year though despite these weird times we're all living in right now.

Cash just turned 5, Stetson is 3 and Takoda will be 2 in January...how is that possible?! We aren't done growing our family, but we're taking a break after having those crazy boys back to back. This momma needed a little rest from all the pregnancies and breastfeeding over the last 5 years! Lol.

Cash will be starting pre-k soon. His first year of school ended a little over halfway due to COVID so he's doing another year of pre-k to make sure he's ready for kindergarten next year. Starting school last year was so good for him. He only goes a couple days a week, so it's nothing crazy. :) He is SO tall, it's crazy. He's got the sweetest personality - he cares so much about his animals and is a great helper. He's definitely still a daddy's boy too!

Stetson is going to start school next year. He's been working on potty training and is a little chatter box. He's whiny like no other, but he's also so sweet and cuddly when he wants to be. He loves to be comfy in his bed and often asks to go to bed! Lol. Definitely my child. He loves playing hard and has a great imagination.

Takoda is going to give us gray hairs before we know it. That little stinker always keeps us on our toes! He's climbing everything in the house, getting into things he shouldn't, loves to take our things and go hide in our room behind the bed like we can't find him lol...but he is also just as sweet as his brothers. He loves some momma cuddles and food is his love language. He eats more than Cash and Stets do! He's not much of a talker just like Cash at this age and they also look so alike it's crazy sometimes.

Daylyn is still at Farm City Fence as the manager and started their concrete company and manages that as well. He has some big things in the works and I'm so proud of him. He's worked hard at every job he's had, but he's finally in a place where he is appreciated and they take such great care of him and value his opinions and listen to all of his ideas - big or small. Makes me so happy to see him thriving at work. He's also started golfing and getting up around 5am everyday to check the stock market. I keep teasing him that he's turning into a suburban dad now haha ;)

We also got our first home this year! That was such a big moment for us. Daylyn worked hard to get us where we are today and it felt so good to finally get a place of our own...no renting or living with family, just a place of our own for our family! It's been so fun fixing it up and making it our own. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house. We have a huge backyard, deck, and plenty of space for our babies and doggies to play. We still have our baby Sheriff that we rescued in Colorado so he's about 4 now. We also have Loo Loo who is an American Bully that we also adopted and she's been such a blast to have in the family. And we have one more fur baby in our family now too - a full bred great dane! We got Nicki when she was 8 weeks old and it's insane how much she's already grown. She's the most chill sweet puppy that I've been around! They're a funny looking group all together, but we love them like crazy and love having animals in our family.

I'm still staying home with the boys, but it's been a struggle for me this last year or so dealing with depression and honestly just being home all the time. I still love it and it means the world to me to be able to be home with the kids while they're young and have a husband who has always supported it and made it work so I could be home with them, but I think the time is coming for me to work even part time or something to have a break from being at the house all the time. I'm excited to work towards some of the goals I've had for years and make them happen. Ideally, I'd like to be licensed and just make my own schedule as an on location hair/makeup stylist. Doing weddings, special occasions and such. Maybe dabble into some more photography as well, but I've really just been trying to learn as much as I can with photography before feeling confident enough to pursue that more seriously.

Daylyn is going to start traveling for work, so that is going to be a big change for us. He's never had to frequently travel for his work, so I've been pretty anxious about it since our children like to drive me CRAZY! Lol. But thankfully my mother-in-law is close by and we have a wonderful babysitter, so I'll be able to get some help when needed. I think some trips to Colorado are going to be in our future! And the boys and I will also go with Daylyn when he is planning a longer trip, so that's a plus. Just a new chapter of life that we'll navigate and work together to make it through. :)

I'm looking forward to what the rest of this year will bring, but especially enjoying the holidays in our first home this winter. I hope all of you are making the most of these crazy times and hanging in there!

Thanks for catching up, look forward to next time!



Daylyn and Nicki 8 weeks old

Daylyn, Takoda 1 year, and Nicki 8 weeks

Sheriff 4 years old

Loo Loo 2 years old

Cash, Stetson and Takoda at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle for Cash's birthday September 2020

Sneak peeks we got back from the family pictures we had taken a couple weeks ago by TKR Photography :)