Well we moved into our house in June and have been trying to tackle projects to make this home fit our style. When we moved in, all of the walls in the living/dining/kitchen area were white. I'm definitely a fan of white, but prefer my living spaces to feel a bit warmer and cozier. So we went warm and dark, while trying to still keep it nice and bright during the day when we have those nice sunny days. I love when the sun shines in my home, so I try to find a good balance between being cozy and not feeling like a dungeon. We did a black accent wall that connects from the living room to the dining room, so that added a lot of depth in here compared to all white walls we originally had. I think it feels moody and warm, but still light enough in here during the day.

Okay, so furniture...Daylyn has always wanted a comfortable sectional, so that's what we went with. I probably would have done a living room set if it were my choice just because that's my preference - but that's marriage for ya, right? All about healthy compromises :) I do really like having a sectional and I like what we've done to go with it. Unfortunately the two sectionals we really wanted were on back order and if you know my husband, you know that when he's purchasing something he wants it THAT DAY. No exceptions hahaha, so this is what we came home with from the Walker's Outlet here in town. We also got the coffee and end table set while we were there. I knew we needed something durable and not super fancy since our rowdy boys would be playing and climbing on all of our new furniture, so I'm super happy with the set we chose. Even as they get beaten up, it just goes with the rustic look they have so it works out great hahaha.

Now also thanks to having small children, that impacts home decor a LOT. There's a lot I can't do because of toddlers, so it's pretty simple in here. We also have a GIANT playpen as you can see for our mischievous one year old. Thanks to him half the room is decorated with his playpen, so less work in the decor department for momma lol ;)

Daylyn made the entertainment center BY HAND y'all. No plans or anything, I just shared the idea I had with him and he made it. I love natural wood against black (if you've seen our bedroom you already know this) and think it looks great. Thanks hubby for saving us several hundreds too by building this! One similar to this (size, custom corner piece, etc) was close to $1,000 or more from what I saw online. So yay for saving money and a handy husband!

I found these shadow boxes at Goodwill and redid them with chalk paint which was super easy and I love how they turned out. I grabbed the vase from Goodwill as well, found the fake flowers at Walmart, and the "LOVE" decor from the dollar store last Valentine's Day.

Everything else you see in the pictures I got on Amazon or at Walmart. Both have great and affordable options for a lot of home decor. I always like to check local thrift stores for things I can use in our home too. I've linked below everything in our living room in case you're interested in something.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what we did with this space! There's still a lot I'd like to do, but I'm so happy with how it's come together in a couple months :)

Thanks for checking it out,


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