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I love capturing the tiniest (and what might seem to be) insignificant moments but also the big celebratory times. Being a mother has taught me to cherish ALL moments because before we know it, they are gone and all we have to look back on those times are photos. Photos that bring us back to that moment - the smells, the feelings, the sounds, the touch of a loved one, all of it. Pictures are powerful and I want to help you be able to relive the precious moments in life forever.

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Couples Session

Whether you're planning your engagement or you've been married for 25 years, this moment in life is precious. Too often we think that we should only get photos taken during the big moments (which we should), but that leaves us longing to remember those little moments too - like cuddling on Saturday afternoons or cooking together in the kitchen. Let's photograph it all so we have more to look back on and cherish.

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This is such a beautiful and special moment in your life that you should capture. I know sometimes it's hard to feel beautiful when you just feel miserable and big (trust me, I've been through it three times. I know), but someday that sweet baby that's in your tummy is going to love looking back at the photos of their beautiful momma that carried them and gave them life. Take it from a momma who regrets not taking more pictures during her pregnancies...just do it, girl. :)

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Family Session

We're all too guilty of waiting far too long to take family pictures. Let's change that! Put on your favorite outfits, load up the kiddos or doggies and let's have a fun and laid back time capturing your sweet family. Don't worry about the kids or even hubby not being interested in the pictures, leave that to me. Just bring yourselves, don't stress, and let me do my job of capturing some beautiful photos for you.

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