Takoda and Stetson's Room

Our youngest son, Takoda, is now 8 months old.
I'm just now getting around to putting together a room for him because our babies stay with us while they're little. I breastfeed and get better rest with them in our bed, so I usually make a space in our room for them while they're pretty little. This was Takoda's set up:

But we're now getting to the point of momma needing some good sleep to feel like a normal functioning human being 😉😴
I put the room together with everything we already had at home plus one new piece of furniture which I'll be showing you in this blog post.
Takoda and our middle son, Stetson, are actually going to be sharing a room since we live in a 3 bedroom. So we transitioned Stetson from the crib he's been in so that Takoda can have the crib and now Stetson is in the toddler bed

I grabbed some decor we had from around the house to hang on the walls. Here's what I used:

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